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Weak erection

Abnormal erection is provoqued by penis' sclerosis, arterial insufficiency, venous escape or nervous lesion.

Arterial insufficiency

Arterial insufficiency of the penis is a very frequent consequence of andropause disease.

The defect of male hormones' production causes a local narrowing of arteries The blood flow becomes insufficient and makes erection impossible.

When the arterial insufficiency is detected sufficiently early, treatment with male hormones (dihydrotestosterone) can restore the sexual potency entirely or partially.

Arteriosclerosis of large arterial trunks causes a vascular insufficiency in lower extremities . Irrigation of the genitals can be compromised definitively.

Venous escape

Blood flows correctly into the penis but erection is not maintained.

The venous network, too broad, with varicose tendency, lets escape continuously the blood contained in the penis.

Radiographies of cavernous bodies (cavernography) can highlight one or more venous escapes.

This cause of organic impotence could be treated by the binding abnormal veins and removal of varicose networks.

However, venous walls consist of elastic fibers which slacken and become sclerosed in the absence of male hormones. 

Maintenance of erection depends on the good hormonal impregnation of the venous network.

Nervous lesion

Erection depends on the integrity of the nervous system.

Neurogenous impotence results from : local genital nerves destruction , involution  or destruction of sexual centers ( spinal-cord or brain).

Impotence can be the consequence of a section of the genital nerves in the surgery of the bladder or the rectum.

Sensitivity of the penis also depends on a good impregnation in male hormones.